Program Features

Patient Advocacy
Your Patient Advocate works on your behalf, providing you assistance with: 

  • Negotiating for lower prices or payment schedules on hospital, doctor, dentist and other medical bills.
  • Assisting in finding hard to reach specialists, critical illness providers and medical institutions.
  • Identifying specialist physicians and medical institutions.
  • Solving billing and related administrative issues.
  • Coordination of medical record transfers.
  • Accessing community resources.

Through eDocAmerica:
Online Access
- to physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians and fitness experts! Avoid spending time waiting in a doctor’s office for routine diagnosis and advice. Quickly and conveniently ask questions via email about general, cosmetic or children's dentistry; drug interactions or side effects; diet plans; fitness plans and more! Contact the physicians and specialists whenever, as often as you wish. All physician emails are returned within 24 hours—most within 2-3 hours during standard business hours.

24-Hour Nurse Hotline Access - Members have 24-hour per day, 7 days per week access to registered nurses by telephone. Nurses can advise you on many medical concerns.

Health Information Library - Toll-free telephone access to a medical library containing 2,200 medical related topics.

24-Hour Physician Telephone Consultation: CallMD
Access a nationwide network of medical physicians, providing medical consultations on the telephone and, when appropriate, prescribing non-DEA controlled medications. Calls usually returned within 3 hours.

Online Health Search Engine: Organized Wisdom
OrganizedWisdom Health provides well-organized, physician-reviewed Internet search results for the most popular health search terms and phrases. Instead of spending a lot of time on traditional search engines on the web just looking for information, with OrganizedWisdom, you can spend your time reading the information you need.

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"This is not insurance or a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. Not available in WA.